"How to be a Pro-Life Champion!"

Dr. Pat Castle

Dr. Pat Castle inspires and motivates us to be Pro-Life champions! To be champions, we must be trained and equipped to win. He'll equip us with the reality of abortion by the numbers and then deliver the information with experiences and strategies on how to be a Pro-Life champion at home, church, school, work, neighborhood, and abortion facility. To reach abortion-determined mothers going in an abortion facility, Dr. Pat has a winning strategy for where we should stand and what we should say based on his applied research. Everyone wants to be on the winning team. Life is the winning team. Dr. Pat shows us how to look like, sound like and be Pro-Life champions!

Pat is the founder of LIFE Runners, the largest Pro-Life team in the world with over 16,000 teammates in 40 nations and 2,569 cities. He grew up in Sioux Falls and graduated from the Air Force Academy. Pat earned a PhD in nano-analytical chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana and is a board member at the Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology. He's an inspiring and unifying force for Pro-Life through faith, activism, courts, and education. He received the 2020 Springtime Foundation Christian Unity Award and was part of the movie, "Unplanned." He cofounded the Law of Life Summit and the A-Cross America Relay. He served as a pregnancy help center chairman and teaches advocacy at abortion facilities. He completed the Notre Dame Vita Institute and is a 4th degree Knight. Pat directed youth retreats, Engaged Encounter, FCA, and RCIA. He did ten military assignments, including the Weapons of Mass Destruction defense officer at the base closest to Osama bin Laden on "9-1-1." He has briefed Generals and members of Congress. While an Air Force Academy chemistry professor, Pat developed the ethics curriculum and coached the marathon team. He has raced in 22 marathons, highlighted by Marine Corps (2:53), Boston (2:59), Pikes Peak (17th), Great Wall (2nd). Since retiring as a medical squadron commander, he has served as a chemistry teacher and an industry executive, and now speaks across the country. He is "All in Christ for Pro-Life!"