Eric will show us how an authentic encounter with God will reveal to us our deepest identity. It will also transform us to manifest in our being the truth and reality of who God is. Who we are? And how do we reveal this God we know as Love and Mercy Itself? This talk will help men attending the conference to learn better how to serve, as Jesus served and loved, their fellow brothers.


Eric Mahl grew up in the small town of Monroeville, Ohio where he was a standout athlete. He earned a full scholarship to play Division One football at Kent State University and, in 2005, he was signed by the Cleveland Browns. After walking away from the NFL, he continued his intensive focus of following Jesus of Nazareth. He gave away all his belongings and spent three years living as a hermit in the desert meditating on the Word of God. After this period, he entered the streets of inner city America so as to fully give himself in love of God and people.

Eric has been called to live out the Gospel message of the Kingdom with the blessed 'least ones' whom are forgotten by society. He currently serves as a part of the formation team of the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy near Stockbridge, MA. He and his wife and children intentionally live a simple life of relationship, love and light alongside those within their neighborhood.