History and Going Forward

For twenty years, the Conference has played an important role in the lives of Catholic men throughout our community - and we are determined that this good work continues, especially in these pandemic-challenged times.

To that end, the 2021 Conference Team has developed a plan that is safe and rewarding for all.

Here is how it will work.

On March 20, 2021, at multiple Covid-safe 'host locations', conference attendees will meet and share fellowship with a limited number of others. And, through internet access they'll be able to:

  • View our featured speaker presentations
  • Access our Spanish presentations
  • Join a Q&A session after each talk
  • Interact in real time with our many vendors
  • Access telephone technical support

We need your help to find these 'host locations' - to seek out parish centers, local meeting rooms, conference rooms, libraries, classrooms, home basements, or other rooms that are equipped with a viewing screen and internet access.

The Conference Team will supply all the technical support required.

A Conference host coordinator can follow through with the leg work, assignment of attendees up to your maximum capacity, and will supply funds for a pre-conference lunch. Look for a 'host locations' agenda at:

If you have questions or require additional information, call 508-929-4345 or email:

Thank you!

The Conference Team


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions imposed by the Commonwealth on the limited number of individuals allowed to gather indoors and outdoors, Assumption University is unable to host this year's Men's Conference.

As a result, our Conference on March 20th will be remote and interactive. Here is how it will work:

Through a smart TV, PC, or Mac, conference attendees will be able to:

Participate at home or with friends via their internet hook-up.


Meet with others at a Covid-safe "host location' - a parish center, local meeting room, conference room, or classroom, etc. with internet access.

Of course, not everyone is computer savvy. Therefore, we need your help to connect PCs or Macs to smart TVs so that your fellow Catholic men can enjoy the Conference in full.

Please volunteer to provide basic telephone "tech support" for a three hour time slot on March 19th and March 20th or locating & "hosting" "host locations"

With your help, whether at home or at a "host location", attendees will be able to:

  • View our featured speaker presentations
  • Join a Q&A session after each talk
  • Interact in real time with our many vendors
  • Enjoy a complementary lunch ("host locations" only)
  • Access tech support

Please be generous with just a couple of hours of your time - and help make this our most rewarding Conference ever.

Additional information can be found at: firstmensconf. org. Or contact Joan at 508-929-4345 and she will have a Conference Team member work with you.