"Science Tests Faith"

Tim Francis

One of six children, Tim Francis grew up never missing Mass. College turned him to the party life...leaving the Church behind. By the time he left college he was addicted to cocaine.

In 1999 his mother sent him a VHS tape she recorded "Signs From God - Science Tests Faith." It wasn't until 2009 that he discovered the meaning of the miracles showcased on that FOX documentary.

Returning to the practice of the faith Tim has conducted in over 500 parish missions. The results have been similar to this participant, "I want to thank you for changing my life. My mom got me to attend. I was an occasional Mass attendee, mostly holidays. After your talk I made a good confession and now attend Mass daily."


This talk will explore signs from God, miracles and their meaning. These signs have moved Tim, who was an altar boy to a party boy and from a non-denominational mega church back to the Roman Catholic Church. Tim will explore with us his quest for truth.

Some of the things you will hear and see:

* A statue of Christ weeping human tears and bleeding human blood

* Multiple Communion hosts tested by science that transformed into a human heart

* A modern woman with the stigmata

Plus: What is the meaning of human suffering? Why be a Catholic after all the corruption? Are all religions the same? Why confess sins to a man when he might be just as sinful?

This presentation has been made in over 500 parish missions.